The Sashaying Away of Antiquated “Morals;” or, Punching both ignorance and rejection in the face.


It was actually a great day to be an American. The cries of injustice resounded the inner chambers of the Supreme Court of the United States and when all was said and done, what emerged was an echo of equality whose vituperations were felt by everyone not a member of the Westboro Baptist Church:


In all seriousness, I couldn’t help but think about the news about DOMA’s demise and feel optimistic that things are getting better in this great nation of ours.

And while there are idiots in this world still, I know that the future is a little (just a little) brighter.




Switching focus, the job hunt continues as chockful of rejection as I could have anticipated. Then again, when your sights are set on the big boys, it’s hard to successfully throw that hail Mary if you haven’t so much as curled a pen in the gym before attempting the throw. At least that’s how I feel each time I submit my resume to my favorite companies I would fight tooth and nail to work for.

In the meantime, I remain faithful to my favorite pastime that keeps my mind occupied and there are a number of titles I’m itching to get through. The latest is of course the critically acclaimed Naughty Dog venture The Last of Us. Work was so hectic this week I neigh had a chance to even turn on my PS3, let alone get a crack at what I’m sure is a disc full of so much undead win.

Time to crack open the celebratory Korbel…

And by the way, this is the woman you need to thank tonight. The brave and lovely Edith Windsor, in loving memory of her departed partner Thea.


Thanks, dahhling.


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