The coming storm; or, Google, you better not be disappoint.

So apparently Google is now getting into the gaming console business.


Can’t say I didn’t see it coming, especially after it’s foray into the gaming world with its Google Play service. As we’re still so far away from seeing anything materialize other than the announcement made by Google, it’s interesting to speculate what we could expect from the Android engineers as they work on the OS’s new console housing.

First, let us remove the idea from from our ever-idealistic brains (because, really, gamers especially tend to go kuh-ray when things are hyped and even more so when things fail to live up to expectation *coughAliens:Colonial Marinescough*…*hackDiabloIIIhairball*), that anything Google would develop and release would be in the same arena as the Xbox, Playstation or Wii. I think Google is smart enough to realize there is enough of a war between Microsoft and Sony especially that trying to jump in that would be like smothering yourself in gazelle blood when two starving alpha lions are having a pissing contest.

No, what I suspect Google is building is a console that would interact with a user’s Android-based mobile device and offer on a slightly larger scale (on, say, their over-sized high-def tv) a large selection of mobile games that could be tailored for both platforms. Think, AppleTV+iphone interactivity in console form.

I think it’s actually a clever plan. While it won’t complete with the big boys of console gaming, it’s not meant to. Google likely recognizes that and aims at a competitor most closely aligned to their intended market, the mobile gamer; that competitor being Apple (who else would you have expected?).

We could be on the advent of an entirely NEW console war.


The console+pc gaming industry isn’t exactly shaking in their nicely designed, beautifully animated Master Chief boots. Forbes quoted  Activision CEO Bobby Kotick saying, ”We don’t view the App Store as a really big opportunity for dedicated games.” Well, considering that mobile gaming between iOS and Android made more money than the current console kings in the final quarter of last year with no signs of slowing, perhaps Kotick’s view needs to embrace the platform being developed and bolstered by both Google and Apple. More games all around doesn’t hurt…especially not us gamers.

Really though, I’m such a Kool-aid drinker that I’ll likely buy whatever system Google, Apple, Sony and the like release. *sip* mmm, cherry. @_@

I just need a little vodka. While I get that, Google, I’ll leave you with this…remember, we rabidly grouped together to bring down the online-only, DRM-infested machine Microsoft was trying to push on us…just, you know, food for thought. 😉


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