Photoshop Shenanigans; or, discovering my inner digital Doodler

I got a new toy with the recommendation and the awesome inspiration of one of my now favorite illustrators, Sarah Schnau (a belated #FF, but seriously, follow her because she’s AWESOME and I’ve become somewhat of a fanboy…oh and she streams her artistic process on Twitch).

The Intuos 5 medium stylus pad…having used this all day yesterday, I’m beginning to understand how much of a fail I was at illustration because I’ve been mouse & keyboarding it for so long. Keep in mind, I’m not an expert illustrator as I consider the things I draw more doodles than anything (and on the computer doodles can take on a life of their own — Google has taught me that).

So here are my first illustrations with my new toy:




I’ll venture beyond faces (and my own) eventually…I just wanted to get a handle on the layering and toggling with the intuos. Still have a LOT of learning, but I enjoy having another creative outlet.


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