10 Stacks of Determination; or, an infographic to aid in deciding to hire Aramis

Happy New Year!

In this first post of twenty-14, I’ve decided to display an infographic I made to send to Blizzard to aid in a decision to hire me.


Aramis' Job FlowClick for larger view.

Flow charts! Who doesn’t love them? As much as they are visually appealing, they are a HUGE P.I.T.A. to assemble.  The last one I made was awhile ago when I was finishing up school and I swore I’d never make another one. Never say never, I suppose, ha! Alas, my Warcraft-themed flow chart should at least raise an eyebrow (in a good way — I hope).

What’s unknown to a lot of people is that I interviewed with their PR team last month for a position (decision pending and forthcoming sometime after the holiday season is but a memory). I’ve harbored a dream of working for the company for YEARS and several times during my Navy career I stopped and told myself, “If I only had my degree and I wasn’t in the Navy I would take a position in a HEARTBEAT if they offered.”

Well, my enlistment contract is quickly drawing to an end (terminal leave starting in two months time) and I have my degree. Nothing is holding me back save for an actual offer.

The realist in me knows not to bank everything on this one opportunity. There are quite a few opportunities with other equally great companies on the horizon.

Which leads me to my only resolution for the new year:

I resolve to not inhibit myself from going for what I want and will, through determination, strive to achieve the goals I set out for myself with regards to gaining and sustaining employment at a great place.

I may not know where I will end up in 2014, but I know that it’s going to be an interesting ride.

UPDATE Jan. 17, 2014 20:22 PST:

So I did not end up getting the position. I happen to know personally the guy who did, and it was well-deserved. Blizzard hired internally, and I firmly respect that decision. It’s a quality I look for in an employer, in fact — hiring from within. One day it will be my turn, but until then I wish them the best in their decision.

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