Those last two bells; or, fair winds and following seas…

deptthanks_anchorageWhat a ride. 10.5 years, the last three on good ol’ USS Anchorage (LPD 23).

Closer to 11 years ago, one Cuervo-fueled late night argument with one of my best friends who I consider a sister, led to a decision that ended up being one of the most important ones I made in my life. I cannot thank her enough.

I leave with an Associates degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree, work experience, lifetime friendships and some great memories.

I promise I won’t be one of those war vets (hard to think of myself as one, but I did my time out there in the Middle East and was lucky enough to come home with all my limbs attached where others weren’t so lucky) that constantly talks about his time in the military. But I will think of it fondly for as long as I am able.

Here’s to a new adventure — still not sure where I’ll end up but thankfully, there are possibilities on the horizon. 10.5 years ago, I had limited options, an incomplete education and was directionless.

If you would have asked me then if I ever would have thought I could apply to a company like Blizzard, or a PR Firm like TriplePoint would be flying me out for an interview — I would have probably smiled graciously and then quietly gone to my room and cried thinking those types of things would never happen.

We’ll see where this road goes…going to be exciting and I’m nervous as hell. Thankfully, I have the best group of friends and a supportive family to turn to when I have a freak out.


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