Would Legacy Servers Really Detract from Warcraft’s Current Game?

UPDATE [8:32AM PST 27 April 2016]: The petition, currently at 241K signatures, was delivered by former World of Warcraft developer Mike Kern directly to Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime via email […]

Sorry R Kelly, Blizzard doesn’t believe I can fly

[UPDATE: June 10, 2015]: So okay, we can fly…soon. Blizzard devs have since taken all the feedback on this heated debate and crafted an excellent compromise to ground questing/exploration that […]

In Memoriam: Joystiq, Massively & WoW Insider…You’ve given me more than you know…

The recent shocking, but not surprising announcement of  AOL shutting down online gaming publications Massively, Joystiq and WoW Insider stopped me today. Like, literally stopped me. I think it was quite […]

I am S-M-R-T! Or, Cracking the code on Google’s ‘diversity problem’

I was at lunch with a co-worker when this subject came up in our conversation. We were talking about projects, ideas, the money and minds behind such endeavors, which of […]

Double Facepalm; or, #hasjustinelandedyet’s lessons to all about living life through social media

It all started with a tweet. Justine Sacco, communications director for IAC (former, now) , conglomerate in charge of such sites as Match.com and Dictionary.com sent out the following tweet […]

You no take cookie! Or, examining YouTube’s Content ID shenanigans

Well it was bound to happen. YouTube, once a pioneer of online content creativity for even the most amateur of aspiring entertainers, vloggers, and journalists, seems to have grown too […]

League of not-so Legends; or, DoTA-wish your TV programming was hot like Twitch?

So, did you hear? Boston won Baseball’s 2013 World Series. Yeah, I kind of rolled my eyes too. But hey, if you’re a Bostonian, chances are, days later, you’re just […]

Cyberbalance Scale; or, the epic tug-of-war between freedom and protective regulation

“ARgh! I are eat all uR filez & steal yUr informayshunz!” In my usual tech news wanderings, I came across news of yet another series of malware incidents discovered to […]

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