Sleeping with the Frenemy; or, a closer look at YouTube’s possible acquisition of Twitch

Some rather interesting news over the weekend. Game-changing news. If rumors be true, then Twitch is in talks to be acquired by video-on-demand giant YouTube (or, Google by extension) for […]

You no take cookie! Or, examining YouTube’s Content ID shenanigans

Well it was bound to happen. YouTube, once a pioneer of online content creativity for even the most amateur of aspiring entertainers, vloggers, and journalists, seems to have grown too […]

Cyberbalance Scale; or, the epic tug-of-war between freedom and protective regulation

“ARgh! I are eat all uR filez & steal yUr informayshunz!” In my usual tech news wanderings, I came across news of yet another series of malware incidents discovered to […]

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