Stepford Aramis; or, the AW-E50M3 in all it’s geeky glory.

Below is a preview of a quippy little “owner’s overview” I created for a Tech Writing job application. Thought you guys might like it while I research my next serious […]

10 Stacks of Determination; or, an infographic to aid in deciding to hire Aramis

Happy New Year! In this first post of twenty-14, I’ve decided to display an infographic I made to send to Blizzard to aid in a decision to hire me. Behold: […]

Double Facepalm; or, #hasjustinelandedyet’s lessons to all about living life through social media

It all started with a tweet. Justine Sacco, communications director for IAC (former, now) , conglomerate in charge of such sites as and sent out the following tweet […]

Full Cirlce; or, a Sailor’s look back at 2013

2013 was overall an amazing year. The commissioning of my ship, USS Anchorage (LPD 23) was a culmination of two years of hard work and it paid off tenfold. I […]

Sandyclaws; or, of crabs, turkeys, thanks and another year of awesome

The man, the myth, the legend. Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street. Well unless you’ve been drifting around Earth’s orbit avoiding satellite debris, then by now you’ve heard the rather shocking news of […]

Gone with the Techwind; or, discovering video game longevity in an everchanging techworld

I’m resolved to play this game at least five more times before I die. We gamers have often heard the expression that video games, while entertaining, are not art. As […]

The Balance of Humanity; or, refocusing the violence in video games debate to the REAL monsters in our world

“I don’t wanna’ get all twelve-steppy, but remember when you told me that killing people would make me feel like some kind of god? I think I just came down […]

Photoshop Shenanigans; or, The Orc and the Sea

  Toying around with badge ideas for Blizzcon in November. Using a selfie as a base for the line art, I came up with this diddy. Getting better with layering.

TT/FF; or, finding your inner Geek and knowing that he/she is AWESOME.

The Geek Power within. Can you stand it? For a self-professed observer of human interaction, standing in the center of the convergence of several often-dueling social groups was a rather […]

Geeksplosions; or, navigating the outer worlds of the ‘Con

“Is this the line for the bathroom?” It seems to be, that when the most awesome of gatherings forms, and tickets for such gatherings go on sale, the fates bend […]

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