‘Scurrilously!’; or, an EPIC BlizzCon 2013 experience

I had a blast this weekend meeting all kinds of great people at the 2013 BlizzCon in Anaheim over the weekend. FOR THE HORDE!  The photo above is a link that […]

HearthNotSoPro; or, navigating the Hearthstone tutorial on your way to deck domination

In case you haven’t heard, Blizzard has a new shiny in the works. Of course you’ve heard. You’ve probably scoured the Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and podcasts of all the […]

Photoshop Shenanigans; or, looking forward to Blizzard’s eSports expansion efforts

While most are excited at BlizzCon to hear about the future of current Blizzard titles like World of Warcraft and Diablo, as well as future titles like Hearthstone, I think […]

Photoshop Shenanigans; or, The Orc and the Sea

  Toying around with badge ideas for Blizzcon in November. Using a selfie as a base for the line art, I came up with this diddy. Getting better with layering.

Photoshop Shenanigans; or, remembering ‘why we fight’ in Warcraft patch 5.4

In memoriam: Kindy Sparkshine and those brave souls who perished in Garrosh Hellscream’s most horrific and unprovoked act of war in the history of the mortal races on Azeroth.   […]

Photoshop Shenanigans; or, discovering my inner digital Doodler

I got a new toy with the recommendation and the awesome inspiration of one of my now favorite illustrators, Sarah Schnau (a belated #FF, but seriously, follow her because she’s […]

Photoshop Shenanigans; or, The Grumpy within…

Fun with photoshop time! I’m just going to leave this here:

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