Would Legacy Servers Really Detract from Warcraft’s Current Game?

UPDATE [8:32AM PST 27 April 2016]: The petition, currently at 241K signatures, was delivered by former World of Warcraft developer Mike Kern directly to Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime via email […]

Iron-branded; or, adventuring through the beautiful lands of Draenor in Warcraft’s latest knock-out expansion

Ten years. Ten wonderful years of ups, downs, achievements, boss kills, epic story and the endless cycle of loot-hunting. I’ve happily been a member of the World of Warcraft community […]

The (Women)Craft; or, letting Draenor’s story unfold while observing what is now Azerothian history

So the interesting thing about the criticism concerning Blizzard’s forthcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft appears to be the ages-old battle between the sexes. I’m still trying […]

Reach for the Skies; or, a Warcraft story of flight in a world riddled with turmoil and triumph

When it comes to taking to the skies of Azeroth, mine is one of struggle and triumph. Back in the days of yonder (six years ago), a Burning Crusade baby […]

League of not-so Legends; or, DoTA-wish your TV programming was hot like Twitch?

So, did you hear? Boston won Baseball’s 2013 World Series. Yeah, I kind of rolled my eyes too. But hey, if you’re a Bostonian, chances are, days later, you’re just […]

Photoshop Shenanigans; or, remembering ‘why we fight’ in Warcraft patch 5.4

In memoriam: Kindy Sparkshine and those brave souls who perished in Garrosh Hellscream’s most horrific and unprovoked act of war in the history of the mortal races on Azeroth.   […]

TT/FF Musings; Rediscovering my inner Warcraft ‘Noob’

   “O hai! I’m new here…is this where I can bai epicz?” The entry below originally appeared on an older, now defunct and inaccessible version of this very blog. Lately […]

WoW Musings; or, breaking down the class role walls and embracing the force that binds them all

The WoW Musings are a series of posts in which I identify and dissect different aspects of gameplay in my favorite MMO, World of Warcraft, and musing about what needs […]

The Ashes; a Warcraft fan-fictional short story

I decided to dust off the creative writing skills and rework a fan fictional piece I drafted a few years ago for Blizzard’s writing contest. In re-reading and re-writing, ironically […]

WoW Musings; Or, a more organic experience…free range, no bugs.

WoW Musings is a series wherein I discuss ideas about how to revamp my favorite MMO, World of Warcraft. Let us return to the idea of gamer’s ennui. WoW’s developers […]

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